Welcome & Enjoy


Hello family and welcome to my blog. I have started a few blogs in my day but this one will be long-lasting one. I can feel it! Pictured above is a part of my family. We have ten children total and the ones not shown are grown (our children pictured here are the ones who are not out of the house yet). I think it is important when introducing yourself or catching up with someone, to show a little bit about what is going on in your world. This is going on in my world…My family. It is what helps drive me. God is my strength and he has allowed my awesome hubby and kids to do life with me.

I am going to be sharing about my world and the things within it who make me who I am. I am not going to say that… No, I am going to say it…It will be FUN. I have had some incredible things go on in my life and I want to share it with you all. There are gong to be some hilarious days and not so hilarious days but I promise that you will enjoy. So, grab a nice cup of coffee, tea, or whatever beverage that suits ya, get comfy, and hang out with me… Hang out with B.




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