Day 1 of my Hair, Skin, and Nail Challenge

Hey family,

So I woke up today ready to begin this challenge and thought to myself about what it is going to take to complete this challenge. Sure it is going to take the It Works hair, skin, and nails supplements but it will also take a level of commitment to myself. I always get to the point of doing an amazing job of doing things at the beginning and then fizzling (yes I said fizzling) out some where in the middle.

This time I can not, no, will not do that. I start to see results and then I start telling myself “I’m good. I can stop here”. Well not this time. I have a plan and a darn good one too. You know what part of my plan will be? You guys! Yes you. Accountability is a key and crucial component to attaining certain goals. For me it will be critical not because I can not attain said goal (in this case this challenge) but because I like the company and camaraderie. It makes the journey fun and I am all about fun! Woot Woot!

So, there is more to this challenge than just taking supplements. This is a lifestyle change, this is a start to seeing a transformation right before your eyes. I get to be transparent and you get to laugh at me join me. So I am going to show you some before pics now and lets see what happens along the way.

If you are looking to experience some fantastic results with me (that is what I am calling it) then come along for the ride. I would love the company ( I will also share some healthy tips as well). If you just want to sit on the sidelines, thats cool too because I hope through this challenge that those who are rooting on the sidelines will one day be apart of the race.

If you are interested in this or any of my other challenges (water, healthy living, workout), leave your contact information below.  If you are interested in my It Works business, click here



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